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Where Talent Meets Opportunity!

At Markman, we train young graduates to kickstart successful careers in Sales, Operations & Marketing and provide them job opportunities through strategic partnerships and affiliations with the country's leading organizations.

We also partner with companies seeking comprehensive manpower solutions. From strategic hiring processes to tailored training programs, we address the complete spectrum of organizational manpower needs.   

Welcome to Markman, where careers thrive and businesses flourish. 

Personalised Coaching

Partner with Leading Corporations

Mentoring & Training

Career & Business Development Tools

Working Together in Collaboration

Where Vision meets Strategy!

We are a company that helps young graduates get placed, grow, and thrive in this competitive era. We work on employability to solve for employment, irrespective of the City, the College, and the Degree. We partner with our esteemed corporates to provide tailored solutions that leverage our expertise in Marketing and Sales. We understand their needs, challenges, and goals. And deliver results that exceed their expectations. 


What We Offer

At Markman, we offer a range of services that help fresh graduates to launch and advance their careers in Marketing and Sales. Our personalised coaching, mentoring, and training programmes are designed to match their skills and goals with equally competitive organisations.

Personalised Training

Personalised Coaching

Our personalised coaching programme is designed to help fresh graduates identify their strengths and weaknesses in Marketing and Sales, and develop the skills they need to succeed in the competitive job market.


Mentoring & Training

Our mentoring and training programmes are designed to provide fresh graduates with the support they need to advance their careers in Marketing and Sales. We offer one-on-one mentoring sessions and training workshops that focus on developing specific skills.


Partner with Leading Corporations

We partner with leading corporations to create opportunities for mutual growth and success. Our partnerships provide fresh graduates with access to a wider range of career opportunities in Marketing and Sales.

Stock Market Quotes

Career & Business Development Tools

At Markman, we provide our clients with smart career & business development tools that help them to succeed in the competitive era. Our tools are targeted and personalized as per the varying demand of our young graduates & corporates.

Bright Future

Launch and Advance Your Journey with Markman

At MARKMAN we bridge the gap between corporates and young graduates. Our mission is to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem where career aspirations align seamlessly with business demands. Our ethos revolves around win-win scenarios. Corporates gain access to innovative ideas, diverse skill sets, and enthusiastic minds. Graduates receive mentorship, networking opportunities, and a launchpad for their careers.

Collaboration Hub

Tailored Solution

Career Acceleration

Corporate Transformation

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

We are a collaborative company with a passion for helping individuals jumpstart their careers. With a focus on working with both corporate partners and fresh graduates, we have successfully placed many individuals in leading industries. We believe that by collaborating with businesses and individuals, we can achieve a bright future for everyone.

Trusting Each Other

What Our Clients Say

“Markman provided me with the personalised coaching and mentoring I needed to launch my career in Marketing. I couldn't have done it without their support!”

Abhishek Singh


“The training workshops provided by Markman helped me to develop the skills I needed to succeed in the competitive job market. Thanks to their support, I was able to advance my career in Sales.”

Neha Sharma


“Markman's partnership with leading corporations provided me with access to a wider range of career opportunities in Marketing and Sales. Thanks to their support, I was able to land my dream job.”

Azhar Khan


Get ready to transform with MARKMAN's personalized & targeted solutions.

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