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What & Why?

It's all about the usual stuff!

At Markman we focus on the usual stuff: How to Prepare better, How to measure progress, How to prioritize work, How to set up milestones, and How to break the milestones.

What we do, is that we put our Passion, Zeal, and Expertise to the usual stuff, the stuff that is most likely to give you results! The stuff we take granted for, the often neglected stuff. This might sound boring, but the boring stuff is the stuff that is going to give you the results.

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Our Values

We empower fresh graduates to take charge of their careers by providing them with skills, knowledge, and opportunities they need to succeed.

We work with corporates to drive their organisational goals by improving their front liners productivity and to create an environment of excellence, collaboration, and empowerment for mutual growth and success.

We stand for Unwavering Dedication, Relentless Effort & A Refusal to make Excuses. 

Our Goals

By the end of 2030, we want to empower 1 lac+ fresh graduates to start their dream job in Marketing & Sales, expand our corporate client base to 1000+, and double the productivity of our hires for our hirers. We want to deliver high-quality resources to our clients through coaching, mentoring, and training services that result in at least 95% of our fresh graduates landing their desired jobs within six months.

We want to work with fresh graduates and corporates for a wonderful win-win proposition.

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